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About Voluptas

The beloved legend of Cupid & Psyche tells of how the female Psyche fell in love with her invisible lover Cupid. It is an age-old tale of love tested and regained. The tale, it's full name The Marriage of Cupid & Psyche, ends in rejoice, when the union of the two lovers gives birth to a beautiful daughter, known as Voluptas.

She is recognised as one of three graces from Ancient Greece - Voluptas being the word meaning pleasure.

Little is known from ancient records about the legend of Voluptas - up until now there have been no known poems dedicated to her beauty, and also no specific artworks. There are only the cusoriest of mentions, perhaps several lines in a poem, or her necessitated presence in Three Graces works.

The Three GracesWhich seems very incredible, given the popularity of the myth of Cupid & Psyche - a beautiful daughter, combining the etheral beauties of two eternal lovers, should give rise to all manner of artistic and literary creation.

However, this website hopes to be a stepping stone into bringing to life, or re-birth the wonderful legacy of Cupid and Psyche, in the form of Voluptas...

In addition to the newly-written poem on the homepage, a painting is under commission and a song is being composed this year...

We look forward to bringing you both later on in the year...


Matt Warne & Heidi Sterling 2006